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Rubber Seals
(several options are explained below)

Triumph GT6/Spitfire Rubber Tail Light Seals = $25.00 a pair
These are newly tooled parts that were available from the factory on the GT6MK3.   These will also fit the Spitfire Mark IV and 1500. They really dress up the back of the car and will offer a much better weather seal than the standard OEM foam rubber parts offered, that can hold moisture and is often the cause of a rust problem.
Triumph GT6/Spitfire Marker Rubber Set of 4 (1500) NEW = $80.00
These are brand new rubber marker lights unlike the OEM Foam marker lights used on the MK3 GT6,  the Mark 4 and the 1500 spitfires. These are newly tooled marker lights that will fit both the left and right sides.
Triumph GT6/Spitfire Marker Rubber Set of 6 (1500) NEW = $105.00
This complete set for any MK3, GT6 or Spit Mark 4 and 1500 will insure a stand alone restoration project. Replace those old worn out OEM rubbers and really make your restoration project complete .
1962- 1967 MK1 and MK2 Spitfire & GT6's
RED Reflector Rubber - 1970 Spitfire/GT6 = 25$
These are newly tooled turn signal rubber plinths; they will fit the rear turn signal lamps of the 1962- 1967 MK1, MK2 Spitfire and GT6's as well as the red reflector from the 1970 Spitfire/GT6.